Public self storage facilities

There has been a reluctance by many brisbane businesses to utilize public self storage. Some Queensland business owners are concerned about the cost to the business, the security of the storage facility and are concerned about any possible insurance risks. The benefits of self storage need not be a mystery to you, or your business. Check out these four points, if you are considering mobile storage for your business. See More.

1. Free up space in your office
Are you finding your office is filling up with boxes, documents and seldom used equipment? Utilizing storage could be a simple solution to your space needs. It’s important to keep your organizations paper documents and records in a secure facility – why not save valuable office space and keep these records stored offsite? The cost of ‘used up’ office space may actually be more than the cost of storage! This may depend on a number of factors, some of which may be the requirements of a business.

2. Peace of mind
Naturally, you want anything stored to be in a central location, but can’t be taken by a disgruntled employee! Many businesses, especially small business, make the mistake of utilizing their employees ‘friends’ to store important documents or organizational equipment, only to find the ‘friend’ has not taken as good care as you expect. Don’t risk damage to your business records or equipment – storing your records and equipment in a secure facility will give you peace of mind.

3. Protect valuable assets
As well as giving you peace of mind, securing valuable records and business assets in a secure facility can reduce your overall insurance costs. Many facilities have electronically controlled access, 24 hour a day camera monitoring and alarm systems, things all favored by insurance organizations. Would you prefer to leave valuable equipment in an insecure yard, or in a controlled, locked up facility?

4. You control the costs
Most mobile storage facilities will tailor a storage option to suit your needs and budget. You may need short-term storage whilst you move premises or want longer term security for a business asset, such as a valuable wine collection. With many storage facilities, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Many Brisbane businesses and organizations are realizing the benefits of storing important and valuable information and equipment in a public self storage facility. It can provide great value for money, giving you peace of mind and giving you back valuable office space. What’s stopping you from investigating this for your business today?


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